Style Tip: Third Piece Magic


It was a gloomy, Spring day in the 'raging metropolis' of Raleigh, North Carolina. After a night of partying hard at our dear friend's wedding reception, my homegirl and I found ourselves rolling out of bed at the crack of noon searching for tacos. As I tossed the contents of my suitcase around her room, I got frustrated because the strange weather had left me with limited options. Everything I tried on just seemed so 'blah.' The fact that it was cool and overcast made my selection process even more difficult considering I'd prepared for warm and sunny. I'd finally settled on a lackluster outfit when my friend offered me an array of outerwear in case it rained. I threw on this gray sweater and "YAS" my outfit had been completely transformed. The Third-Piece Rule, how could I forget? Although, I didn't mention it in my last style post. it is almost essential to looking put together. The rule is you add an item outside of your top, bottom, and shoes. Third pieces can be accessories such as a jacket, scarf or statement necklace. I often do over the shoulder jackets, statement earrings or purses. Anything that spices up your outfit. You know mama likes being spicy.

                                                                                                                  Top: ZARA | Jeans:  ASOS  | Shoes:  ZARA  | Jacket:  Forever21 (similar) | Purse:  ZARA

                                                                                                                  Top:ZARA| Jeans: ASOS | Shoes: ZARA | Jacket: Forever21(similar) | Purse: ZARA