I love to worship. My goodness, I wish I could 'sang.' Listen, I can carry a tune but I most certainly cannot 'SANG'. I'm talking about Jennifer Hudson, Yolanda Adams, Christina Aguilera, Steffany Gretzinger type of 'SANGING'. I used to be afraid to raise my hands in church, I thought it was so weird, I then learned that raising your hands during worship is a sign of surrender and now I sometimes wonder if I'm doing it too much. I will put my hands up before the song even starts lol, I will raise my arms during transitions. I love it! One of my favorite things in the world is when the worship leader is when a group of people are singing to the Lord acapella. You know when they stop the music at church and everyone just sings to the Lord. It reminds me of a summer I spent at Camp Winshape, one of my earliest memories of feeling what I now know to be the presence of the Lord. We would sit around the campfire at night, making smores and singing worship songs. One of my favorites was a song, I believe, is called 'Light the Fire'.

So light the fire in my weary soul, then the flame will make my Spirit whole, Lord you know, where I’ve been, so light the fire in my heart again.

 I always have that one line in the song where I just want to yell with joy, where I can identify with that line so intensely that I feel it in the pit of my stomach. That one truth of my Savior, or that line I meditated on during a difficult season. I have a couple of lines like that right now:

1. In 'Not Today' on the Hillsong United song 'Wonder', where Taya says "tell me did the enemy panic, as you took up that cross, tell me did the darkness cry mercy as you rolled back that rock...." GIRL. I almost jumped out of the shower singing that yesterday, like 'YAS HILLSONG, yall better get sassy with the devil!"

2. I forgot the second song I was going to write, I got excited, but an old faithful is "Mercy+The More I Seek You" by Bethel/Steffany Gretzinger. It's a mash-up of two songs she doesn't even sing originally, but she just puts her own swag on it, you know? She's one of my favorite spontaneous worshippers. One line in this version, which you can only find on Youtube, she softly sings; "I see a long broken past and I saw the Lord write mercy..." I've heard this song probably 100,000 times and I still almost cry every time I hear that part.

3. Another oldie but goodie is 'The Battle is Not Yours' by Yolanda Adams. The first line alone carried me through my break up. "There's no pain Jesus can't feeeeeeeeel. No hurt He cannot heal." Whoo! I used to take a shower just so I could freely and loudly weep while this song was blasting through my iHome speaker.

I could write a blog post specifically about lines in worship songs that always impact me. Let me know if you want to read that. 

Worship is more than just a song. It's a way of life. I hope today you will worship Him in all you do out of an overflow of the love He has so freely given us. And while you're at it, throw on a little bit of 'We Will Worship' in the background. Let me know in the comments what your favorite worship songs are!