You Need an Elizabeth in Your Life

I’ve become more aware of something lately, it is the concept that those who are successful, those who have accomplished great things and made impactful decisions surround themselves with those who are doing the same. Someone, I believe it was Oprah, once said that you must surround yourself only with people that lift you higher. It’s no secret that celebrities tend to be friends with other celebrities. We are all fascinated with our favorite ‘power couples’, which are essentially two people who have reached seemingly unreachable heights and join forces. It’s the same with many professional athletes, business professionals, and even bloggers. There is an understanding among them of where they are and where they know they are going.

I have been blessed to have people in my life who pour into me and that I can pour into and together we are committed to seeing each other get to where we claim we want to go. I’ve been privileged to have people in my life who will call the things out of me that I can’t recognize in myself and breathe life into those things. I’ve also been privileged to be inspired by people I’ve encountered who awaken something in me that I know is greater than us both. You know how it goes, you hear someone give a Ted Talk or you watch an interview or you see a person doing what they were created to do and it awakens something inside of you. The God in you recognizes the God in them and it results in excitement, appreciation and hopefully momentum.

I love the story in Luke where he gives the account of Mary and Elizabeth. An angel of the Lord appears to Mary and tells her that she is going to carry and birth the Messiah. He also tells her that her cousin, who is far past the birthing age, is going to carry a son as well who will pave the way and tell others of the coming of the very child she was carrying. She goes to visit her cousin, the second she stepped inside, the baby inside of Elizabeth jumped. She was excited and encouraged about what was happening inside of Mary. Out of excitement, she then stays with her cousin, Elizabeth, until her son is born.

What I love about this is after Mary realizing that she had a great purpose to fulfill, an insane task to carry out that had never been done before, she sought out someone who was going through something similar. And then, her older cousin, who had her own miracle at work in her life, her own purpose to fulfill was able to recognize the beginning stages of what Mary was going through and speak life over her. I always wonder what they did during those three months that Mary was at her house. I’d imagine they swapped stories of challenges, helped each other, prayed together, and encouraged and assisted each other with the preparation for their coming tasks. I even imagine that Mary, several months pregnant at the time, even helped Elizabeth deliver her baby.

We all need an Elizabeth in different seasons and moments in our lives. Someone who has been successful in carrying greatness to encourage us to do the same. We all need men and women around us who will lift us when we are down or lift us higher when we are up. I hope you find inspiration today, someone who awakens and breathes life into the greatness in you that you aren’t even sure you can carry. And together we will all rise.

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