Your Mistakes Do Not Define You

Recently, I’ve had somewhat of spiritual awakening, particularly in the area of perception. I realized that I have been perceiving certain things in my life all wrong. The smallest adjustments and redirection of my thoughts has led me down a path of new freedom, peace, joy and love. It’s been super dope. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I have been passionately fighting to stay in this restful, peaceful place regardless of circumstances.

One area where I’ve had a mindset shift is in the area of past mistakes. I think often times, we find too much of our identity in the mistakes that we’ve made. I know that I have. I’ve allowed mistakes in relationships, school, and life in general dictate the words I’m going to say and the paths that I will take. I’ve allowed so much of my past to dictate how I was going to move forward in the present and future. I’ve called myself cautious but really I was just operating in fear. I’ve called myself wiser but really I was just afraid that if risks were taken, I’d fail.

Everything is working together for your good, even the things that are terrible and annoying, even the things you don’t want to think about. Every moment of life is shaping you into who you were created to be and the fun and joy is not in arriving at that final, ‘finished’ person but in the process and the journey getting there. I’m thankful for the mistakes that I’ve made because they have taken me on a beautiful adventure of who I am becoming. That is something, I simply can’t be upset about. Don’t dwell on the past, but be hopeful and expectant of your future, it is bright.

Check out my Youtube Video where I talk about getting arrested and going to jail and what I learned from it. If you’re human, as I am, let me know what you learned and how you grew from some of your biggest mistakes.

xo, Jazz

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