God is the Source

Even if it appears that you have nothing, everything you need and want is in the presence of the Father. And in the Father, we have OPTIONS and CHOICES of blessings. When we engage with the Father, we have more than enough of the finest things. The finest prayer, the finest experiences of love, the finest joy, the finest peace. Be open to the movement and the words of God, have a heart to not just hear Him but listen to Him. His dedication, promise, commitment to you is never-ending, everlasting and forever. No matter what, He will never turn His back on you. There is no failure in His love. He is love and created you to be love. He created you out of an overflow of love. He created you to love and be loved, so if there is no failure in His love, there is no failure in you. See how God has used so many others to display His glory? Leaders, celebrities, families. People who have changed the world and people who have impacted generations? He will do the same for you. He has made you glorious too.  

Seek God within you and you will find Him. Call out to him and listen for His answer, it will surely come. Eliminate thoughts of evil and align with thoughts of good. God’s love extends to us all and has the power to illuminate even the darkest of places. God’s forgiveness redeems even the ugliest of things, the dark is no match for Him. Don’t make it difficult to align with Him for you were created to do so with ease. His thoughts are the best thoughts, His plans are the best plans and your limited thinking can barely comprehend. Connecting with Him is always and will only be elevation. He has taken care of every detail. He has solved every problem, He has anticipated every obstacle and He has designed everything for your benefit and His glory. His word prevails over all. Peace and joy are yours through Him, even the simple things around you are illuminated. With Him, tears are replaced with laughter, beauty for ashes, joy for mourning. What was dead, now lives, forever. Great power and love in you reflect great power and love in Him, The Source.

Isaiah 55- The Jasmine Version

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