Elevate Your Mindset

Elevate Your Mindset

The past couple of years, I’ve neglected to pay attention to my thoughts. There was no intentional thinking happening inside my head. After letting my thoughts run wild for a period of time, I found myself back in a familiar, dark and cloudy place. Lately, I’ve been really committed to keeping my thoughts elevated and in alignment with God’s thoughts.

I feel so much better. So, I thought I’d share what’s been working for me.

1. Watching my words and paying better attention to how I feel about my circumstances. When I started to think on purpose and with intention, I found that I was saying a lot of things that were the opposite of uplifting and often far from the truth. I began listening to Graham Cooke and I was reminded of how highly God thinks of me. My mornings shifted to listening to Cindy Trimm and she reminded me of the importance of taking control of my days by speaking over them. As I realigned my thinking and words, I began to see my life realigning around me as well. I was happier and I was handling challenges with a more positive outlook.

I realized that it wasn’t about being discontent or unhappy with where I was and what I was doing but it was about recognizing my potential for growth in every area and speaking it out. As I changed what I was saying, my brain began to fall in line and believe what had been truth all along.

2. Thinking positively and seeking joy. There is so much power in redirecting your thoughts to positivity. I kept getting stuck in my toxic thought patterns and they were spiraling out of control. I realized this is why it’s so important to identify where your toxic thought processes are by committing to thought elevation. So, what I started to do instead was default to gratitude. If I was annoyed about a situation at work, I would instead talk about how I’m so thankful to have a job . If I was irritated with a friend, I would recall one of my favorite memories with them or refer to my favorite things about them instead.

Somewhere along the way, I’d seemed to have picked up the notion that I didn’t need to do the things that make me happy because being happy is a feeling and feelings are fleeting. Then, I encountered Marie Kondo and her tagline is ‘spark joy.’ I began to do things that sparked joy every day and when I was in a situation that brought me joy, I made a note of it and committed to doing it again. Joy is everlasting and we all should be experiencing it in its fullness.

3. Being still. This has been so important for me. I found that there were times that I was still but it was rarely on purpose. I noticed that it was hard to recognize when I was in a lower state of mind until I was idle. Before bed at night, my thoughts would race and bring me zero comfort which fueled dreams that rerouted me to thinking about those same things in the morning. I found that an effective way to combat this was to carve out time to be still through journaling or meditation. Some days my journaling looked more like writing out the things that were worrying me and giving them to God, some days meditation was taking a walk where I intentionally found little things to be thankful for. Find what works for you and do it.

What are some ways you elevate when you are feeling low? Let’s share and explore and encourage each other in the journey of maintaining an elevated mindset.



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