You're Doing Amazing Sweetie

You're Doing Amazing Sweetie

This week marks three years since I graduated from college and got my degree on the same day as former President, Barack Obama. It was a day that I wasn’t always sure would happen and if you haven’t seen my Youtube video on my nine year journey, you may not fully understand what I mean by that. I wish I could say that the past three years have gone exactly as I anticipated, but they haven’t. I could tell you that I’m more sure of my every conviction, but that’d be a lie. I’ve been rolling with the punches, flowing with the Spirit and here I am. No apologies. No regrets. I love that life requires change and growth and challenges and I love that I am not the type of person to shy away from those things.

But, there are still times where I feel as though I should be farther than I am, that I should have more money than I have or more children, a better job, no job and my own business… the list goes on. Watching other people do things on the internet can sometimes make us feel as though we aren’t doing enough or being enough. I’m starting to really see that the joy of life is in the process. In that process, I’ve always been redirected to getting to know not only my Creator but myself.

Being in alignment with those two beings, or should I say, one being, reassures me that I’m never in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing. My whole perspective has shifted to the fact that me and God are one therefore wherever I go, if I have confidence that He is in me, I’m good. He is with me, I’m never in the wrong place. This has removed SO much pressure from my life and has freed me up to simply operate in my gifts and enjoy the journey.

I think a lot of us believe that our gifts can only lead to one outcome. I used to feel boxed in being a journalism major, feeling that being an anchor on TV or a reporter in a small town were the only options for my life. This made me shy away from my gifts because I knew those were things I didn’t want to do. But, as I began to further dedicate myself to introspection, I learned that it wasn’t necessarily that I am only good on camera, but I have a tangible, God-given presence. It’s not that I just excelled in being the lead anchor in a broadcast, it’s that I’m a leader and was created to be one.

Your gifts are transferrable and they never limit you. So, explore them, get to know them and get to know yourself. We shouldn’t be OK with knowing our significant other better than we know ourselves and we shouldn’t settle for a path that someone else has already taken. Find your lane and be proud to be in it. Take your time in getting to know what makes you tick, what makes you laugh, what challenges you. We will all be better for it. You are right where you are supposed to be and I’ll see you on the way to where we are going.



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